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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Vegetarians take notice, stuffed shells - it's what's for lunch 

My wife who works for a major American corporation, which I won't mention by name, was invited to a conference yesterday along with dozens of other associates from around the country.

The morning's business of meeting and greeting having concluded everyone hungrily gathered for lunch catered by a well known local vendor. Now, Nancy who has traveled extensively for the company was reconciled to the usual 'chicken this' or 'beef that' which is routinely served at these events, and so she made her way toward the buffet hoping to find a combination of vegetable sides that would make a satisfying, healthy lunch.

The first server asked Nancy if she would prefer the chicken barbecue or shredded beef. Nancy replied she would just have the baked beans and some bread. A friend in line overheard her, and quietly intoned, "You're vegetarian? We have something special for you," and promptly led her to a station set to one side: there, stuffed shells with 3 cheese and a rich vegetarian sauce.

I mention this as notably, more and more, large corporations today recognize the growing vegetarian preference among their employees and are catering to it. Kudos then to Nancy's company - they know who they are.


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They did a similar thing at my high school reunion a few months ago... I let them know ahead of time that I wanted a vegan dinner (as there wasn't even a vegetarian option offered). I had to go and ask a server and they went to some mystery room to get my dinner. Kind of funny. :) Even though they didn't offer it up front, they were completely willing to accomodate me, so that was appreciated.
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