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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Beggin Your Vegan 

The Green Cutting Board would like to correct an error from our publication dated 6.20.04 "No Name Wraps", which we inadvertently labeled vegan. Our friend Ryan who writes the Veg Blog kindly advised us that "Morningstar Farms" bacon strips are not vegan, they contain egg white. We apologize for any unintended misrepresentation and have corrected the recipe.

You can still keep the recipe vegan if you substitute this Vegan Bacon for the Morningstar Farm soy bacon.

Morningstar Farms produces an outstanding product and theirs is not the fault, they clearly label their ingredients, just remember to read labels as you shop.

Now, because the news is slow today, as a follow-up to our recent series on Crocs this great story from my friend Ken, also my brother-n-law but who's name dropping.

Ken and Carol moved to Florida 2 years ago from Maine and now, as is always the case, relatives follow; case in point their son and his family.

The young man immediately got a job working outdoors with a firm laying underground pipe for the county. Now, this is a tough job for anyone let alone a man from up nor'east, not use to Florida flora and fauna: 100 degree temps, higher humidity than is humanely possible, up to your nethers every day in muddy water and god knows what else. Tan not withstanding came the day when his "buds" on the job informed him that,"come morning he was up to his neck in a croc pond (we have lots of those in Florida) to channel a line. The company was going to post a "shotgun" and well, best luck, have at it son."

Now, Ken and Carol had raised their family in Maine amid bear, back woods, poison ivy and mosquitoes which rival 727s and they developed among other survival skills a good aptitude for herbal remedies. Knowing this the son asked his father what precautions might he apply to ward off the croc menace. Ken immediately replied that he should place several cloves of fresh garlic in his pants pockets.

Satisfied and thus equiped the young man reported to work next morning and much to the glee of his co-workers announced that his father had devised a remedy to thwart any gator threat, "garlic." Well the day went, as expected, without incident and later that evening when son asked father why the garlic was a defense against croc attacks dad replied calmly, "what defense, the garlic just makes your leg taste better."


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