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Friday, February 06, 2004

Welcome Toronto, CA Vegetarians 

February in Florida if you've been here marks the beginning of spring, especially if you visit the "Sunshine Coast" of Tampa Bay. With the coming of spring there appear two perennials: "Snowbirds" and "Baseball"; here in Dunedin we have both in spades; snowbirds et al from Toronto and elsewhere and a newly refurbished Blue Jays spring training camp. Today The Green Cutting Board begins its series on all that the area has to offer in terms of dining, services and accommodations. If you visit our beaches or our bleachers you will find good eats, good baseball and plenty of sunshine.

The first location to tempt you with their vegetarian Hot-Spotality is Firehouse Subs, 1547 Main St. Dunedin, FL 34698, Phone: 727 736-7827 Fax: 727 736-7820. We stopped there today and checked it out. Here's our review.

Upon entering this bright, well appointed Sub-space we were immediately greeted by the staff at the service counter in a tone of genuine southern hospitality: "How may I help you"...a good sign, this. We studied the menu board for a few pregnant moments which I must say were thankfully respected by the staff. Though the menu offers just one ovo/lacto-vegetarian sandwich the staff was immediately responsive to our request for a slight modification; we asked for a "Veggie Sub" to go: sans the mayo (that egg thing).

Sauteed Mushrooms
Bell Peppers and Onion
Italian Dressing
topped with: Provolone, Monterey Jack and American Cheese

Having ordered we waited less than 3 minutes before the hostess asked our preference for season sauces while presenting us a host of hot sauces the likes of which not even our Cajun cousins from Louisiana would recognize.

The "Veggie Sub" menued by this Jacksonville enterprise is a taste to be relished however you order it, the bonus is this, you can get it your way.

An Editorial sidebar: when we informed the staff at Firehouse Subs that we were surveying hospitality venues for the Toronto, CA Snowbird contingent, the manager, without entreaty came foreword and graciously introduced us to a visiting vegetarian couple (John and Sydney) from New Hampshire whom she described as regulars; enough said, enjoy!


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