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Saturday, December 13, 2003

For all our sake 

This publication is becoming an ever more charged mix of pleasure in the free expression of opinion and the grinding pain of responsible editorialization. Each day finds us eager to publish the good news, and each day in turn we find ourselves presented with the task of editing the bad, today is no exception. As an Editor, I assume the responsibility to regard an event with equanimity and to present our readers with a fair-minded story. As a writer I have no such obligation. Today I am a writer; let you the reader become the editor.

"Mortally Wounded, Hunted Bear Cub Staggers Onto NJ Highway"

Please read the entire story at ANC

The deplorable action by the Governor of New Jersey, Governor McGreevey and his DEP Commissioner, Bradley Campbell to, without regard for their personal integrity, authorize this slaughter of the innocents speaks volumes about not only their personal moral decrepitude but moreover the conduct of our society as a whole. There are few measures of a society more telling than its treatment of those who may be weaker and at a disadvantage. War is such a marker, as is our treatment of the elderly, the infirm and most abhorrent, the infant. This hunt is a microcosm of all these conditions combined and Governor McGreevey has "unleashed hell on earth" a hell which now spills onto a New Jersey roadway and into the sight and minds of the citizens he is elected to protect and serve. How are the children served by this Governor, how will the children who witnessed your hunt remember this in their dreams come Christmas eve, how will you?

Your hunt, Governor has turned on you and is now a nightmare of its own making which has spread not just onto one remote highway but into the press and onto the Internet. Nothing to cover with a platitude now Governor, nor will silence provide you with a haven. You are as exposed as that bear cub but not nearly as vulnerable. You have power, you have a voice, and you have a chance to do something, you can do something to give back to the children of your state, the innocence and the clear moral vision they need. You can give them back their sweet dreams of Christmas and unbloodied memories of innocence. Stop the hunt won't you Governor, for all our sake.

Send a copy of this 'open letter' to a friend or to Governor McGreevey at:

Congress.Org -- Guide to Elected and Appointed Officials


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