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Friday, August 08, 2003

Welcome to my first post to this Blog, actually more an online filing cabinet disguised as a Blog, my desk being piled over with mounds of clippings, notes, scribbling, doodles and such, if I am unable to locate it in my office or it gets carried away by one of the dogs as a fresh play thing; 'the dog ate my homework, honest', it may in future (fingers crossed) be retrieved here. A few years ago I had a notion to start a web page for all the flotsam and jetsam that washed up on my desk based on a theoretical point in space, specifically the focus of gravity waves that trail earth several hundred thousand kilometers behind its orbit, something like the eddy in a stream that collects all the floating bits and pieces. The theory is that all the 'stuff' that falls off the earth or out of orbit would eventually be deposited at that point, this junk yard in space, and moreover, follow us throughout eternity. I'm not sure that the theory will hold, but then I'm equally not sure that this file cabinet in the sky will work, but it's worth the effort even if only to post for now some random notes, news, scribbles, faq, or fable that have in common the idea that living green is simple at worst and essential at its’ best. For now I will continue to file and post like some old style newspaper columnist and when I think the files are ripe or sufficiently unwieldy I’ll add a link and invite a forum of correspondents. bfn

FILE; 1 post 8/8/03 header News: 8/7/03 St. Petersburg Times:
"Judge to owner: No dogs - ever..."
The problem is a "bad, bad owner," not aggressive animals that bite, a judge tells a Pasco man.
By BRIDGET HALL GRUMET, Times Staff Writer
© St. Petersburg Times
published August 7, 2003


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