Southwestern Taco Salad with Mock Chicken, Black Beans and Mushrooms


excerpt from: A Vegetarian Cooks’ Book, The Green Cutting Board Press, 2004




4 tortillas

2 BOCA Chicken patties thawed

1 Cup mixed fresh greens

1 ripe tomato cut into chunks

1 Cup prepared black beans drained

1/2 Cup black olives sliced

1/2 Cup Monterey Jack shredded

1/2 Cup baby portabella mushroom sliced

1 Tbls vegetable oil

taco seasoning (see home made)

soy sour cream

ready-made salsa




Prepare everything that needs to be sliced, shredded, drained or thawed in advance, this goes very quickly once you start.


Preheat a large frying pan to medium-high with1Tbls of vegetable oil. One a time crisp each tortilla about 1 minute on each side layer between paper towels to drain (better yet use today’s newspaper, the ink won’t hurt you and it’s a nice recycle)


Cut each chicken patty into 6 or 8 strips. Dredge the strips in a pool of salsa and lightly dust with dry taco seasoning. The strips are already cooked so just heat them through in one side of the pan and 

Sauté the mushrooms in the other side until they start to soften, add the black beans, heat through. You’re done


Let everyone build his or her own salad, top with everything.

Awards go to the tallest salad


Serves 2