3 cups of hot water
1/4 cup of flour
3 TBLS of vegetable oil
3 vegan vegetable bouillon cubes

Dissolve the bouillon in the hot water. To a very hot frying pan add the vegetable oil but don't let it smoke. With a wooden spoon in hand add the flour a little at a time while constantly stirring. When the oil is completely absorbed a paste will form. Cook and stir for a very short time, usually not more that 15 seconds, slightly longer for a darker gravy, now slowly add the hot water, all 3 cups still stirring. Because the water is hot lumps should not form. Stirring and a little practice will give you a feel for this. The gravy will be thick and bubbly and wonderful. Remember you can always add a little water or flour to adjust the texture, a little flour goes a long way so be sparing

This recipe is a modified roux which we designed for the beginner. Variations include different oils, seasoning and the use of canned bouillon or even better, home made vegetable broth. I suggest practicing a few times with this simplified version to master the techniques and then experiment with your own favorite version. It won't take long before you can make great gravies in your sleep, just like grandma's.

Makes 3 cups