No Name Wraps...OK, Name

excerpt from A Vegetarian Cooks' Book, The Green Cutting Board, 2004

We don't often call for brand name ingredients, but occasionally...well, just try these. OK.


1/2 tin "Pillsbury" original crescent rolls (original-no lard)
4 slices "Morningstar Farms" soy bacon strips (contains egg white)
2 "Litelife" soy dogs


Using 2 pair of pre-cut crescent roll wedges laid end-to-end, put 2 slices of soy bacon along the middle at an angle. Place a soy dog at one edge and roll up into the dough. Repeat with the remaining ingredients. Coat each roll with a little mustard.

Bake at 350F uncovered for about 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve with any great side you prefer, come to think of it, just double the dogs now and save yourself the trouble.

serves 2
ovo vegetarian