Irish Stew

    Excerpt from: A Vegetarian Cooks’ Book, The Green Cutting Board Press, 2004




1  large potato peeled and cut into large chunks

3  carrots peeled and chunked

1  medium turnip peeled and cut into large pieces

2  small onions peeled and cut in half

8-10  Brussels sprouts

4 -5  medium florets cauliflower whole

4 –5  large button mushrooms sliced

3  Cups cold water

3  Tbls flour

1  vegetable bullion cube

2  Tbls vegetable oil

1 Tbls soy spread




sea salt

white pepper

1 jigger Irish (of course) whiskey




In a medium stew pot start 3 cups of cold water to boil, add the bullion cube, potato, carrot and turnip.


Heat 1 Tbls of the oil and 1Tbls soy spread in a sauté pan, brown the onion and Brussels sprouts until golden. Remove the sautéed vegetables and set aside. Add 2 Tbls of flour to pan and stir constantly until medium brown add 1/2 Cup of cold water and bring back to boil. Add the sautéed vegetables and gravy to the stew pot and get out the whiskey…


Start the sage, thyme and rosemary to sauté in 1 Tbls of oil, crush with a wooden spoon to release the flavors and add the mushrooms. After about 2 minutes add the remaining Tbls of flour and brown and bring to a golden brown while stirring. Add the Irish whiskey, if there’s any left and reduce by 1/2.


Combine the mushroom gravy to the stew pot and mix gently, you want not to break up the large pieces of vegetable. Cook on extremely low heat for 1 hour covered. Salt and pepper to taste. 


Serves 4